Leading * _ ( in tags renders them non-working (cannot bold just a tag)

Hi, I’m a new convert to Dynalist from Workflowy. Just started tripping over some tag problems.

I have lots of lists where the first word is both a tag and bolded: **@Tag** fails to be a tag at all! Actually all bolded tags are not tags. I was wondering why tags and locations i knew were missing. It seems straightforward to not count * and _ (for italics) in making tags.

Steps to reproduce (3 different ways)

  1. Select a tag in an item and cmd-B bold it: #oldtag**#oldtag**
  2. Create a new tag bold or italics: **#newtag1** __newtag2__
  3. Put a tag in parentheses: #ptag → (#ptag)

Expected result

  1. working bolded #oldtag
  2. working #newtag1 newtag2
  3. working (#ptag)

Actual result

  1. #oldtag isn’t a tag anymore!
  2. #newtag1 newtag2 aren’t tags anymore!
  3. (#ptag) isn’t a tag anymore!

In all of these cases, the # is there but it no longer functions as a tag. Doesn’t show up in autocomplete, tag window, or when searched for.


Mac OSX 10.11.6 Chrome

Here’s a summary of the problem.

Additional Comments

As an academic writer who uses references a lot, i often have `(#ref-Kuhn2014, #ref-Kuhn2016)’ since these both link me to my notes on that reference, and can later be replaced with actual references. But now the first one isn’t even a tag, and the second one includes the parentheses. Is there any solution?

Can repro, will fix along with this related bug.

Thanks for the detailed report, and sorry for the inconveniences for now!

Hi @Joseph_Dumit: this should be fixed now, could you please confirm?

Hi there, it is partly fixed.

1 & 2 Fixed: Tags that are bolded or italics are now properly tags

  1. Not fixed: Tags interact inconsistently with other punctuation:

3.1 Leading parentheses for a tag (#tag fails to be a tag at all
3.2 Trailing parentheses for a tag #paren) become part of the tag = #paren) not #paren
3.3 Trailing commas are not part of tag #comma, => tag is #comma
3.4 Trailing periods are part of tag #period. => tag is #period. not #period
3.5 Trailing colon is not part of tag #colon: => tag is #colon
3.6 Trailing exclamation point is part tag of #exclaim! => tag is #exclaim! not #exclaim

See the png summary of the problem, only bold and italics have been fixed. Copy and paste the above list into dynalist to see behavior

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I see, thanks for the feedback! We’ll work on the others.

One thing though, we’re not sure if colons can be isolated from the tag at the moment, given that Powerpack relies on it for sorting purposes. Hopefully we’ll figure out a way to reconcile the two.

Actually, the colon has a specific behavior that is consistent and i think the example to follow. It is only part of a tag if it is immediately followed by another character. I think that behavior is fine and could work for all punctuation, and would solve a lot of these problems. The rule should be that trailing punctuation is not part of tag, but embedded punctuation is part of tag. Exception is that parentheses are never part of tag (tags can begin after ( and end before ) so (#this) is seen as the tag #this

i think this preserves Powerpack as intended (which only has embedded : in tags)

Currently colons behave the following way which is correct. The other punctuation like ,.!|; should all behave similarly! and therefore should be easy to implement.

#s:one => tag is #s:one
#s: => tag is #s not #s:
#s:: => tag is #s: (only one colon)
#s::h => tag is #s::h

Thanks, understood, that works.