Bold list items don't get into 'filter by tag' results

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a list of two items, Item 1 and Item 2;
  2. Add #today to the end of both lines;
  3. Make whole second line bold;
  4. Try to click #today tag to filter items.

Expected result

Both lines are in filter results.

Actual result

Only first item is filtered. This happens because of double asterisk at the end of #today tag.


Windows, Chrome.


I can repro this. Even though #today shows 2 count in the tag pane, and clicking it there filters both results, clicking #today in the 1st line only filters that one, not the bolded one.

Seems related to at least a few open issues, including mine not to treat trailing punctuation as part of the tag.

Same here, but not with italics. Also a problem if the first item on the list is a tag. Then it disappears from being a tag altogether with either bold or italics - i reported that bug here. This issue runs pretty deep. I was thinking that if they move to a WYSIWYG approach to editing then this would go away by default.

But in the meantime this seems like a very easy fix. (It really messed with my workflowy import since i had lots of bolded lines and all of them are broken if they begin or end with tags).

I can repro this. Will fix this as soon as we can!

Hi @Pavel_Koryakin: this should be fixed now, could you please confirm?