Is there a 'Follow Link' shortcut of some kind possible?

Toggling between Reader and Edit mode on the Android app is certainly helpful in preventing the keyboard from constantly popping up and links and formatting constantly expanding.

But on the desktop and website, everything is more keyboard centric. So we can expand/collapse, focus, apply formatting, etc, but if I have created a link to another document (or another point in the same document), I can’t follow that link without the mouse. When the cursor is on that headline, the link (and formatting) immediately expand. Is there something keyboard driven to allow following of that type of link?

The same could be said for tags. If the cursor is placed on a headline, corresponding tags become plain text. Can I simulate clicking a tag from the keyboard?

Bookmarks? I can open bookmarks with the keyboard, but can I follow a bookmark without the mouse?

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Except for Ctrl+F and then typing or pasting the tag, there’s no other way I can think of.

Not sure I understand what you mean – is there a difference between “open bookmarks” and “follow a bookmark”?

I can open the Bookmarks pane with Ctrl+Shift+B (correct?) but I can’t utilize any of those bookmarks without a mouse. Without the use of a mouse, can I do something else with those bookmarks aside from look at them?

I can open the Tag pane with Ctrl+Shift+T (I think). Can I do anything with them from the keyboard?

I guess my point (or question) is Dynalist does so many things to help us capture and format and create information through a myriad of keyboard shortcuts but if I want to only read and navigate my own document structure, I have to go back to the mouse.

Here’s the thing: I’m not a fan of the file pane (Dynalist is still great), so i created a master document and linked directly to other documents from it using [[ ]]. Then it dawned on me I can create a whole table of contents with all the most used spots I need to frequently access for business. And now I have a whole wiki on my android device with all the information I may need at a moment’s notice.

But on the desktop it’s not that great. Everything works fine…with a mouse. But if Dynalist has a set of keyboard shortcuts the length of my arm, there should be some for simply reading and not always editing.

Can I navigate Dynalist, from the keyboard, without always searching?

You can use Ctrl+O to follow any bookmark. Is that what you’re missing?

Not really, but no worries. Thanks.

You can use Ctrl+O, type the name of the bookmark, and then press Enter to “utilize” that bookmark. Is that what you’re asking?

I’m really confused right now. Maybe I totally misunderstood all your previous posts.

I think Keith wanted to be able to, while browsing a file with keyboard, open a link by simply pressing a keyboard shortcut (rather than by switching to the mouse or having to type part or all of the name of the link). This is something I also wish for, which is how I found this thread – and also this thread which makes a similar request:

To further clarify the possibilities of how this feature could work:

Links which can currently be followed with the mouse are:

  • Internal links
  • External links (in Markdown)
  • External links (as just URL)
  • Image links
  • Tags

Let’s suppose there were a keyboard shortcut, perhaps Ctrl+Enter, which would launch whichever link is “under the cursor”. The most unambiguous way for that to work would be to require the cursor to be somewhere within the link syntax, for example (representing the cursor with a vertical bar):

  • #|tag or #t|ag or #ta|g,
    perhaps also |#tag or #tag| if one includes the boundary
    (and why not? I cannot imagine a situation in which two links would exist literally side by side, with no space or other character in between. In the rare case that happened, and the cursor were on the links’ shared boundary, Dynalist could decide arbitrarily, as far as I’m concerned.)

and similarly:

  • [lin|k](target) or [link](tar|get) or why not also |[link](target) and [link](target)|
  • ![im|age](target) and ![image](tar|get), etc.

A more potentially ambiguous but also useful additional possibility would be for this keyboard shortcut to open a link which is contained in the item where the cursor is, if the cursor is not within (or on the boundary of) a link syntax. For example:

  • Item wh|ich contains a [link](target)
  • Item which con|tains a link in its note
  • Item which contains a link in its note

If an item (and its note) contain only one note (between them), then there is no question about which link the user means to open. But if there are multiple links, then it could be ambiguous. Perhaps best would be to open the link which is nearest the cursor. Less useful (in my opinion) would be to resolve the ambiguity by always opening the first link, or no link.

(Besides these possibilities of opening links within the outline, there is the other possibility Keith alluded to, opening bookmarks within the bookmarks list. In my mind, this feature is much less essential, since it is not even possible yet to browse the bookmarks list using the keyboard, or to rearrange the bookmarks in the list. If and when that becomes possible, then it would be a simple and obvious matter to allow the selected bookmark to be opened by pressing Enter.)


Windows users can now have this functionality if they wish by using the following AutoHotKey script:

It currently works for URLs which begin http:// or https://, including internal Dynalist links (but not tags or dates).

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