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I am having a window issue - when I click the , on my iPhone 7 I cannot see al of the selections now can I scroll


Update: the “No document is open” bug should be fixed in 1.1.3. Let me know here if it still happens to you in 1.1.3+!

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Is that a question (“can I scroll?”) or are you saying that “you can scroll”?


Sorry - “how can I scroll” to see the entire menu - it is cutoff as you can see in the screenshot.


Hi Erica in iOS 10.3.1 (iPhone 7) I found a bug. When I’m typing some entries, sometimes the return key does not create a bullet (Just a blank space) and if I hit backspace the last Entry gets mixed with the line above and I Lost some text. Its very annoying to use the app with this bug because I keep loosing some words and have to go back to fix.

It happens one time in every 9 (more or less)

I think it has something to do with the suggestions of the dictionary (when a word is suggested the bug occurs)


Hi Alan, thanks for the information!

We received feedback from another user about the same issue but he was not able to figure out the exact steps to replicate the issue. Dictionary auto-suggest sounds like a possible culprit.

Are you able to replicate this issue 100% when there’s a dictionary suggestion?


Yes Erica I have checked it a little more and I`m able to replicate.

I`m using the google keyboard for iOS

Check this video!

(Video is unlisted, when you are done I can delete it)


I absolutely agree with this proposal.
And I agree with suggestion about “voice input feature using Siri like built-in reminders app” too.
So how is the progress of “newline” issue?
(I live in japan and I use version 1.1.22)