Improve [[ linking

I want [[ generated links to have dynamic text, not fixed text. Can we make this an option if not the default?

Every time I type “[[Mirror” to make a link, it pops up a search thingy, I find the target, pick it, and DynaList generates

[Mirror/copy parts](

Then every time I must edit this to be just 

because I want the link label to be automatically updated whenever the link target changes text.
(and if it were never to change, it wouldn’t matter).

Can we make this automatic? Make it an option to have [[ not generate [text](), and just expand to the link target?

If we had shorter internal links that would be much better.

(This could be skipped if you only have time to code the first one.)

In Obsidian, if you edit a line you might see

Here is my line of text with a link to [[SomePage]]

In DynaList we see in lines not being edited:

Here is my line of text with a link to (∞Mirror/copy parts)

Then I tap the line and it goes wild:

Here is my line of text with a link to

I would be happier if instead dynalist had shorter internal links.

Here is my line of text with a link to [[fq5U0GvUnDn3Tasteuaeu]]

Obviously still presented when not in edit mode as

<a href=
=TkhSHysguHG0-f6wovCO8Tx>(∞ Mirror/copy parts)</a>

Making the generated text much briefer would greatly smooth editing like in Obsidian. It also presents a hook for editing that line to sub in a different target.


It won the poll but they haven’t made the change yet.

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That’s one half of my post. Strange that Erica posted that but never followed through on the result.

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If this is about the live updating of links, would be a nice to have but didn’t ever vote on any of the polls… apolitical…

One day I’d like to make a list of all apps that do live updating or w/e - I believe spreadsheet type apps are the main things that do this stuff but dunno. I’ll make the list in 10 years.

Do you log into this forum after smoking crack or something? Half your posts are word salad that lack context, half are just being sassy. I’m gonna start reporting your comments if you don’t simmer down.

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That’s exactly what I think too.

A must have feature!