Files and bookmarks in one view?

I will not place it in feature category, because maybe I don’t see something important here, but… What is the reason to store files and bookmarks separately? Is it useful for anybody? Wouldn’t it be better to mix them together? To have files and filters/zooms attached to those files (and global searches too) in one place? They already have different icons so you can differentiate it and if that is not enough for you then you can create folder for bookmarks and store all of them in one place in that mixed list. Another possibility would be to have local searches / zooms attached to file with collapsing and indentation, just like with folders and their files.
Am I the only one who feel weird with jumping between files and bookmarks? I know that I can store most important files as bookmarks and most of the time use only this one pane, but this is literally the same as I’m proposing above, but without ability to use folders and different icons for different things


I like the differentiation bookmarks / files
but my bookmarks tend to be temporal… later I work on something different and I create new bookmarks…
and sometimes I create bookmarks for files and say to myself… "well…you have it now in the files section so whats the point to have it as bookmark as well? "
so I delete it as a bookmark and open it in the file section.

So also for you it would be faster and easier to have it in one view, do I understand you correctly? :slight_smile: I still want to have all current bookmark functionality, thats one of the most important part of Dynalist, but why manage it in two places? :slight_smile:
Currently when we create bookmark it automatically shows in bookmark pane with editable title. That also can be done in my proposal - we can have collapsible and unremovable “Bookmarks” folder and all new bookmarks can be created there. But after that you can move that bookmark to other folder, or pin it in some way to file if this is just local search within this file. With different icons and ability to change name you can easily see that those are not files but bookmarks. And for people who wants to store all of bookmarks in one place and not mixing it and are using shortcuts to open/close panes - you could do the same here, with unremovable “Bookmark” folder devs can make it collapsed/extended with shortcut, so you can put it on the top of the pane and use it as always.

Short answer is that given how we implemented it originally (the current behavior), it would take a lot of work to do what you described without getting a lot of benefit.

For example, WYSIWYG will take a ton of work too, but it brings lots of benefit. Tables, underline text, and a lot other new formats can be allowed, which people have been asking for quite some time.

Ok, good to know. So I will do my poor man version with userscript and I will have at least list of my bookmarks above my files thanks to[“0”].childNodes :slight_smile:

Oh, and I think that it will also be possible to leave global searches at the top and pin local searches beneath the files to which they apply, so it will be almost exactly like I imagined it, minus the part of moving global searches around :slight_smile: @Erica, do you have something against sharing it with other users, if my attempts will be successful? I don’t want to interfere in any way with your ideas and plans, it’s your product, I will keep this and other crazy ideas to myself if you wish.

The problem I have currently with files/ bookmarks / tagpane is that I never even look at any of them anymore.

I’m starting to lean more towards purely “Non-mouse” based navigation. E.G. only using a keyboard to navigate around my document

For me its more efficient this way

However, I cannot effectively bookmark new “bulletpoint folders” that I create and there’s no 1:1 relationship in dynalist’s current workflows / settings to do this

I wrote this tamperscript wishlist here:

as a means to alleviate the problem (autobookmarking)

To your original question:

  • I don’t use file / bookmark / tagpane nav very often, since screen real estate is valuable for me, so this wouldn’t matter to me either way
  • However, I would really wish I could have these two shortcuts binded to hotkeys

it would solve all my problems

OR better yet, I would really love the ability to automatically have all “#” tags in “Dynalist Settings” to be searchable using the CTRL+O operator by default

This would also solve all my problems as well


file + bookmark one view doesn’t matter to me much since I don’t use those often, need lots of real estate to write stuff

but my issue is “bulletpoint folder” navigation. Solutions

Solution 1: implement stephen dewitt’s custom shortcut for ✪ 1. Add /remove bookmark of currently edited list w/ shortcut ✪ 2. get link of current item with shortcut

Solution 2: system settings → have # tags retroactively work in CTRL+O operator settings

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Ohhh yeah, it’s working, I’m happy :slight_smile: If it’s ok with Erica I can share this script.

@Vincent_Tang If someone gives me some hints on how I can create things programatically, I can look into it. Right now I know only how to work with existing nodes, bookmarks, etc and move stuff around.


EDIT also that looks really nice on the folder + bookmark one pane view. I’d like to see tamper script :slight_smile:

I will definitely be looking into my tamperscript wishlist (I think I will dump my chrome extension wishlists too, since I feel like I explored almost all the chrome productivity extensions I wanted but cannot find some)

In any case, maybe 1 or 2 weeks from now I am going to go do some hardcore javascript programming but for now I’m going aggregate all the “wishlist” apps I need to integrate with dynalist and its API down the road

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I would be happy with just separate but scrollable panes (one above the other) for bookmarks / files / tags that can be all viewed at once. Similarly to what outlook does with folders and favorites.

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Sorry I just saw this. No worries, you can share any non-malicious script in the Share & Showcase category.


mmm I am the same as Vincent - almost never open the panes - favorite bookmarks are assigned to keyboard shortcuts (via ctrl + o macros) otherwise just use manual ctrl + o, which includes files and bookmarks of course.

Also I often bookmark the top level of a file (you could bookmark all your files to effectively get this all in one view but maybe a pain) because I don’t like the way dynalist remembers zoom level when you go back to a file.