Fonts are missing characters


In my ongoing work uploading my back catalog of speaking notes, I came across some which included Greek and Hebrew text. This text exposed some gaps in font support.


My text uses polytonic Greek, which uses diacritical marks not used in modern Greek. Here’s an example of how Dynalist renders it:

Note how some of the letters are rendered in a different font. I circled three examples in my screenshot and left the rest un-circled.

In my opinion, this is a minor issue because: a) the text remains legible, b) few users will likely need these diacritical marks, and c) supporting the entire range of the Greek script would increase the font download size. However, I’m bringing this up in case there’s an easy fix that I haven’t thought of, and because the next issue, below, is related but more serious.


More serious is this screenshot of Hebrew text, which needs no highlighting to show the problem:

For reference, here’s how it should look, albeit in a different font:

The issue here is that some of the code points for two of the cantillation marks (ta`amei ha-mikra) aren’t supported (the ones below the letters which look a little like slashes and backslashes). Again, these are rather uncommon. To my knowledge, they’re only used in Hebrew Bibles, and not in other Hebrew texts, so most of your users won’t need them. However, in this case, the text is hard to read as it currently is. I can work around this issue by simply deleting the cantillation marks since I don’t need them for my purposes, but I thought I’d raise the issue, anyway.


I’m on Chromium on Ubuntu Linux.

Additional Information

In case you want to see a live example, you can. I haven’t shared it publicly, but I’m quite OK with a dev using privileged means to access it.

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Interesting… Unicode problems are always intriguing.

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Have you guys tried implementing the Google Noto fonts?

Sorry for the late reply…

Noto is an interesting solution, but honestly I don’t like their fonts. If it were Android’s system font, the system font option could work?

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I guess so. Personally I’m fine with Roboto.