Black box for characters not in Whitney font

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type a Unicode character like the one for 1/2: ½

Expected result

I would expect the character to be displayed properly. If the font Whitney doesn’t support the character, fall back fonts should be used.

Actual result

A black box


Web app on OS X

Additional Info

I’m not sure why the falling back isn’t happening automatically. Also, maybe is relevant

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Huh, I don’t have the issue anymore. @Erica Did you do something?

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Nvm, I still have the issue.

I think I researched this issue a while back, falling back to another font isn’t automatic or even straightforward.

The best option is probably to try to get a version of the Whitney that can properly display Unicode characters. If that’s impossible, falling back to a more versatile font is a good idea. If that’s not possible either, maybe we should just change the default font to something else.

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I don’t know much about how fonts work, but would it be wrong to have the Whitney font “subsidized” with characters from another font? Not that it wouldn’t require more effort than reasonable on your guys’ part or anything.

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You mean merging another font with Whitney?

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Personally, I just use Helvetica, and, you know, my world’s not ending :wink:

However, I’m wondering if given Whitney’s status as the default font for, it’s worth merging it with like Helvetica so new users don’t get surprised by the poor character support.

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Update: this should be fixed now.

Plus bold and italics look so much better in Whitney now! :slight_smile:

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What did fixing it entail?

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A bigger font file, essentially! :smile:

The one we were using previously include the most essential Latin letters but not many more.