Find Replace

Hi Erica,

Really like to see as Feature to find and replace certain text or some abbrevation i used for structure.



Right now, I’ve just been exporting OPML, running

pbcopy | gsed -r 's/this/that/g' | pbcopy

in the command line, then pasting back in.

I’d appreciate a regex find-and-replace function, though.


Cool trick! Unfortunately that’s only for power users. :frowning:

Regex is kind of power-user-only as well, so I think we’ll start with the most basic Find & Replace. :slight_smile:


lots of things have f-replace

  • want to know what practical use is this?

  • want to know what use YA has that the user has to do all that this user did all to do something that seems to be needed?

if you need it, then you can use those apps for those specific purposes

also, usually when someone f-replace (or at least me), it’s cos they didn’t use the right words initially

so that means it’s a process problem, not a problem with the tech

tech should not be for post-problems, they shouldn’t be reactive

good tech helps in preventing problems in the first place

like preventative medicine

I would argue that it should do both, like a modular phone in some ways, or Slack. Slack doesn’t have 1000 features, but it does have a bot platform and offers a variety of integrations. This helps many people.

That’s the same case here. Since people aren’t perfect (unfortunately), it’s nice to be able to offer ways to correct mistakes. Like a spellchecker. Moving forward is a win-win case either way.

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This is great for replacing all instances for a string but I’d like to have a find and replace that allows me to iterate through and decide which to replace and which to not

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This is the one thing I’d most like to see in Dynalist.

I love tagging to keep track of @people but not all tags should be permanent. I might have an exciting business meeting with @bob tomorrow, but I might not know @bob in a year and I might not want his tag taking up space in my tag window. If I could find and replace (deleting all @bobs or turning them into plain ol’ Bob) that would make tagging a much more useful option for me.

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You already can delete all @bobs by rename it in tag panel and delete all letters, it will remove all @bobs for you that way :slight_smile:

This is certainly a feature I would like as well. Seems like it should be very do-able as well - why is it not already implemented?



Find and replace would be very useful. Sometimes information or formatting needs updated in many places


Yep, we totally agree!

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:thinking: I’m hoping that’s a “watch this space” kind of response Erica :crossed_fingers:

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Find and replace would be very useful.

It arrived at the end of last year :slight_smile:

It’s a local F&R, what I am talking about is the global one - all lists at once, or at least a whole folder

Could you post a separate feature request for that please? That way we can know how many people want global search and replace specifically vs document level.

Does it have to be one or the other?

Global will be an extension of the local (e.g. with a checkbox that says “Replace across all docs”).

It’s not an easy extension though. Excerpt from another post of ours:

The biggest obstacle of that is by updating all the links, there is going to be a change across all documents that cannot be undone, which is what we need to think through right now. It’s for the same reason that tags can only be renamed locally, and search and replace only works within a document. We want you to be able to undo any change with Ctrl+Z, but that does not work across documents right now.

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Ok, I’ll make an another feature request.
Anyway that’s not a killer feature for now.