What actions would you like to have a custom shortcut for?

We’d like to leave some shortcuts empty in the future so that they can be customized but don’t have a default key combination.

The reason is that as we keep adding more shortcuts, we run into conflicts more often. Because the Dynalist web app runs in the browser, it cannot conflict with common browser shortcuts either. A good example is toggling tag pane: our convention tells us to use Ctrl+Shift+T, but it’s used to open the last opened tab in Chrome. We really don’t want to override shortcuts like this. Another example is Ctrl+L is used to insert LaTeX but it also goes to the address bar in Chrome.

As blank shortcuts don’t take “shortcut” space, we can have as many as we want.

Currently these actions include:

  • Toggle tag pane
  • Toggle image preview/inline (suggested here)
  • Toggle normal view/article view
  • [Done] Duplicate item (with children)
  • [Done] Go to parent item
  • [Done] Go to previous/next sibling
  • Toggle bookmark

More suggestions welcome!

I like (again) Checkvist’s alphabetical shortcuts, like…

l c link to clipboard
a a actions menu
d d set due date
c t clear tags
m m move to another list (or for DL another doc)

My hands are already in place and know where all those keys are and can reach them automatically in sequence as if typing. Modified keys-and especially when any letter key with them is on the left half of the keyboard–like Alt Shft T–are very awkward and I avoid them whenever possible. This is more than just new key combinations I realize, and would likely require far more rewriting that you’re prepared to do. Just day-dreaming.

With regard to specific potential keystrokes to implement actions not currently possible, I’ve already mentioned the "switch to items in the left pane (which is possible now with switch to bookmarks and files and soon, tags-- together with a move up/down to select and go-to in that pane. THen of course switch back to the outline pane or automatically do so when a doc is clicked on.

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Something to create a hyperlink out of selected text, like ctrl+k.

A way to insert text after a cursor’s placement into a note of a point would also be very useful.

  • Add / Remove bookmark on ‘currently editing’ list.

  • Get link of ‘currently editing’ list (and also no pop up would be nice - just straight to clipboard)

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Duplicate node without children nodes.
Duplicate node with children nodes.


Can you tell me a bit more about how you’d use two shortcuts differently? Like what’s your specific use case? I’m a bit curious about it.

I don’t have any specific use case :slight_smile: Duplication with subitems is the most important, but I just sometimes need to copy and paste, or copy and move, item without subitems. There are different ways to do that, depending on where I currently am in the structure of document and if item is collapsed or not, and it’s always somewhat distracting for my brain to decide which way is faster when I’m in the middle of brainstorming :smiley:
With workflow like that:
have a cursor on the item -> hit ctrl+d -> you’re on the duplicated item without subitems, automatically and always below the original item (and below the tree if original has expanded subitems)
it will be fast, easy and obvious :slight_smile:
If you want to have only one way to duplicate then naturally go with duplicating whole tree.

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I’d like to have the ability to jump to other items on the same level.

If I’m on the item “Title A” and I press [my custom shortcut #1] then I will be taken to the beginning of “Title B”. [My custom shortcut #2] should take me up, so I will end at the beginning of “Title A”.
I’d like it to work for items at any level, not only for headers.
I think that it should be limited to jumping only between items with the same parent, it will be more intuitive. So in situation from picture below, when I’m on the “Item A” I can jump with those new shortcuts only between this node and “Item B”.


I would really like a shortcut to switch between article view and normal view. Some of my documents are to-do oriented lists of short items (normal view is great for that), while others are reading and study notes, with items as long as various lines of text (article view is much much more comfortable for these). It’s a bit unpractical having to change from one view to the other every time you switch documents.

(An alternative option would be to assign a default view to each document. In fact, that would probably be even better than a shortcut)


I have a similar requirement. Toggling normal/article view would be very helpful.

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Would definitely appreciate this.

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I think having the extra “push back bulletpoint at current position” or “regular shift+tab button” would be nice to have both options

Also as others suggested:

  • Add / remove bookmark on currently edited list
  • Get link of currently edited list

Another good function

those would be nice too

Also, show/hide for checklists, and separate them for crossed out items separately

i would like a REDO command as well (CTRL+SHIFT+Z)

see here

Ctrl+y ?

Toggle hidden/completed


Article vs Normal View

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That can be done with Alt+C on Windows. Are you on a Mac?

Where can I upvote this feature (Ctrl+Shift+D to duplicate item) :smiley:

Here: Keyboard shortcut to duplicate item

Strikethrough (perhaps some variant that includes ~)