Empty space between lines


I think a feature for adding empty space(s) between lines can be significantly helpful. For fencing out the parts of a document.
Something like this:

  • List item
  • List item
  • List item
    Empty space
  • List item
  • List item
  • List item


You can add a few blank lines in the note field of the last item in the upper section.

Or, for something more visible, add a color label to an empty bullet point to separate things.

Logically though, if you need this to separate two groups, it might be better to add two parent items (e.g. “First half of 2018” and “Second half of 2018”) and put each group under them. That’s the more “outliner-y” way in my opinion :slight_smile:


This is not the way it should look. Not pretty at all.

This image shows my idea in a better way. Much prettier than adding colors with empty bullets. And the space is not clickable.


Ok, that’s valid, from your previous example I didn’t consider that the last item might have child items.

But in your example, can’t you group Monday - Sunday under “Weekdays” and “ASAP” somewhere else? See the last paragraph of my last reply, thanks.


@Leonardo_Callie I have a similar use case to yours. And it seems very easy to solve your example without new functionality.

Current tasks v1

  • ASAP!
    • ASAP1
    • ASAP2
  • Weekly tasks
    • Monday
      • Monday task 1
      • Monday task 2
    • Tuesday
    • etc

Another, even better solution, would be to use custom date representation (turn off “default” date format and use the one that has “day of week” present). Then you can actually remove one level or nesting and have something like:

Current tasks v2

  • ASAP!
    • ASAP1
    • ASAP2
  • Weekly tasks
    • [Mon, 16 Jul] Monday task 1
    • [Mon, 16 Jul] Monday task 2
    • [Tue, 17 Jul] Tuesday task 1
    • [Tue, 17 Jul] Tuesday task 2
    • etc


I’d like to second Leonardo’s original feature request – to be able to add empty space(s) between lines – but suggest a (theoretically) easy and non-disruptive way it could be implemented.

What if blank items had invisible bullets? The bullets would only become visible when the blank item is being edited. (Also, if you wish, on mouseover.) This would add a powerful new ability: to create visual gaps within lists.

(With pen & paper, this is the most natural thing to do, and can be very helpful.)

Currently in Dynalist this is kind of possible, but the blank items’ bullets are visually distracting and serve no purpose – for example, unlike normal items’ bullets, blank items’ bullets do not indicate whether the item has children, because obviously blank items do not have children. (Actually blank parents are possible – so let’s say more precisely: bullets should be invisible for blank childless items not being edited or moused over.)


I find a great way to section-off different parts of a list (that you want to keep on one level for some reason) is to use the horizontal line available in the Powerpack add-on.
You add a bullet with three dashes and it renders as a horizontal line across the width of your list. It’s not quite the same as white space but for me serves a similar visual purpose.

Obviously you need to use the Powerpack add-on (see: Powerpack 3) which you may not wish to use but it is full of useful features.

What you type

How it looks

It would be great for people who don’t use Powerpack if this was a standard feature.


With invisible bullets, I wonder how you can distinguish that part of the blank space from the black space at the bottom of the document?


The way I envision using it (and sometimes use it already), the blank lines would be spacers, so there almost always be lines of text visible below (after) them.

Of course one might add one or few blank lines to the bottom of the document in preparation for adding a new section of text. And I suppose one might occasionally navigate away and back before actually beginning to add the new text. This case of having an unknown number of invisible bullets at the bottom of the document could be addressed by having mouseover cause the bullets to reappear. (Otherwise, as in any text editor, one could just move the cursor down to explore how many blank lines there are.) I guess I’m in favor of the mouseover (which already causes the menu and expand/collapse icons to appear), but to me it also doesn’t seem like a big problem.


A couple of further thoughts:

  1. This feature (call it, e.g., “Hide bullets for blank lines” or conversely “Show bullets for blank lines”) could be implemented as an option to be toggled either in View Options or in Settings.
  2. Whether or not it is implemented as an option (versus just a mandatory new behavior), it should be minimally disruptive.
  3. It is sometimes necessary to have blank items as part of the editing process. (For instance, a new document contains a single item indicated by a bullet. This bullet serves a temporary purpose.) Having these temporarily-blank items’ bullets disappear could be disconcerting.
  4. I cannot imagine a reasonable purpose for keeping blank-items-with-hidden-bullets at the bottom of a list (or sublist). So perhaps as a rule, only blank items not at the bottom of a list (or sublist) would have their bullets hidden (while not being edited).
  5. I personally can’t imagine needing to keep blank-items-with-hidden-bullets at the top of a list (or sublist). Perhaps some people would find this useful? Otherwise blank items at the top or bottom of a list (or sublist) could be excluded from having their bullets hidden (while not being edited).
  6. Obviously, all items while being edited (and probably also during mouseover) should have visible bullets. And blank items with notes and/or children should have visible bullets.


+1000! I’ve wanted this feature since I started using Dynalist, but unwisely assumed it was coming as the product continued to develop. I’ve tried a number of solutions to add space between list items.

The empty bullet is a visual distraction.

I added a CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER line break, which seems like it’d be awesome. But if the list item has children, you end up with an unwieldly gap inside that item when you zoom in:


I really like Marcus M.'s suggestions about somehow hiding the bullet point. Having a tickbox to hide the bullet for empty lines would be awesome!