Empty space between lines

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Alright, this is an old post, but it’s better to continue from somewhere than start from zero.

I use indentations a lot when writing notes, and they can become too many sometimes. Aside from the possible use the members have mentioned (creating spaces) I would like to use it in a paragraph that starts without a bullet point but everything below it has bullet points. (example below)


Currently, there’s no good way to do this. Ctrl+Shift+Enter doesn’t work as stated previously.
A. It can’t be used to create spaces when the last list has children because it leaves space between parent and children notes.

B. If used to start paragraphs, you cannot collapse the note (example below)

If it’s shown this way, the collapsing/expanding feature would lose its purpose (which is to show minimal information until its expanded).


  1. Since the users are already used to unindenting bullet points by pressing Enter, an alternative shortcut (like Alt+Enter) can be used.

  2. The shortcut key would remove the bullet point from the one line you’re working on and unindenting that line to align well with the rest of the text (as shown in the first image above).

  3. Pressing Enter again will simply go back to making bullet points in the same paragraph.

  4. This can be used to create empty spaces in a document (by using the shortcut as many times as needed)

I’m quite sure many users would like this feature, but as it may seem minor (which it isn’t), some may think it’ll be implemented soon and not worry about it, since such an option is likely to be intuitive. Personally, when I started using Dynalist I was so sure I could remove the bullet points if I want to, since that would be very useful, but after searching I was surprised to not be able to.

Hope this can be reconsidered. Thank you for your time!