Edits don't get synced if I close the app too quickly

Hi everyone,

This is something that has been bugging me for a while. If I make an edit to a Dynalist document, then quickly close the app (whether I’m on Windows, iOS, or Android), some or all of those edits don’t get synced because I haven’t given enough time for the app to sync to the cloud. Often the result for me is half-complete notes, like "Buy " instead of “Buy cheese”.

I know that I can just wait a bit to make sure the app syncs. In Windows this isn’t actually much of an issue because the Saved/Synced status is clearly displayed in the top-right corner, so I just wait until that changes to “Synced”. However, on the iOS and Android apps, you can only see if it’s synced by going into the menu.

So, my options seem to be either wait about 5 seconds after doing an edit before closing the app (very annoying), or go into the menu to see if it has finished syncing yet (also very annoying).

Is there any better solution for this? Or, could Dynalist be updated make sure it syncs when the user closes the app?

You can hit Ctrl+S right before saving. Does that work for you?

Also can you check the version of your Windows app? If I remember correctly, the Windows app should refuse to exit when you have unsaved changes.

My Windows app is 1.1.16 and it says it’s up to date. If I make an edit in the Windows app and then immediately close the app, what happens is that it saves, but it does not sync. So, if I then opened Dynalist from a different device, the change wouldn’t be there. If I re-open Dynalist from the Windows app I just closed, the changes will be there (because they were saved locally), and right after starting it will begin to sync (as shown by the indicator in the top-right).

I don’t get any warning before closing saying that there are unsaved changes. However, if I press Ctrl-S and then immediately close the app, it saves AND syncs, and my changes can be seen on other devices. Would it be possible to make Dynalist save and sync, instead of just save, when the app is closed with unsynced edits?

What about the Android version? When using Dynalist on my Android phone I have gotten into the annoying, but necessary, habit of waiting at least 5s after making any edits before I switch to a different app.

Does anyone have any updates regarding this issue? I guess I should submit it as a bug report or feature request?