Edits don’t get synced if I close the app too quickly


This topic is related to a post I made in the Help section of this forum with the same topic title (here: Edits don’t get synced if I close the app too quickly). I wasn’t able to get a solution to the issue there, so I am now making a feature request for this.

What I would like to see implemented is for the app to sync edits even if the app is quickly closed after making an edit. This applies to the Windows, Android, and iOS apps. With the current apps, if I make an edit to a Dynalist document then quickly close the app, some or all of those edits don’t get synced because I haven’t given enough time for the app to sync to the cloud. If I then try to view the document from another device, the edits I just made either won’t show up, or will be incomplete. Often the result is half-complete notes, like "Buy " instead of “Buy cheese”.

With the current apps I find that it takes up to about 5s to sync to the cloud, so I have gotten into the annoying, but necessary, habit of waiting at least 5s after making any edits before I go back to the home screen (Android or iOS) or close the app (Windows).

Could you please make it so that edits are always synced, no matter how fast the user closes the app after an edit? Maybe force a sync when the app detects it’s being closed?