Duplicate list and extensions for browser bookmark

Hi, I like Dynalist for its rich features. I’d like to propose two more I need, makes it even more compelling:

  1. The ability to duplicate lists in a document, which is useful to create templates.
  2. Browser extensions to bookmark web pages in Dynalist. Such a bookmark system is clean, comfortable to use, and independent of any particular browser or platform. This will be a truly killer feature for me.

Thank you.

Hi, @Hugo!

  1. Is this what you need? http://blog.dynalist.io/2017-week-32-update/
  2. If you use Google Chrome there are two great extensions for this Clip To Dynalist Chrome Extension
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Thanks for the wonderful reply, @Egor!

Hi, thank you! Yes, the duplicate function you mentioned is what I need. However, I wonder why they didn’t add it to the item menu?

About the second feature I requested, I have noticed this “clip to Dynalist” extension. I tried something similar with Workflowy before, which is usable, but not complete. It lacks critical functions like adding bookmarks to sub-tree, deleting bookmark of the current page or showing whether or not the current page has already been bookmarked. I’m looking for something similar to browser’s native bookmark system but organise data in Dynalist.

Hmm, good idea, will consider that!

I don’t think our extension will go this far to essentially replace the browser bookmark functionality. For example, checking if a website’s URL is already saved in Dynalist sounds more work than it should do. Sorry about that :frowning:

The official feature post is here by the way, if you’re interested: Dynalist clipper extension