Customizable markup delimiters

First of all, this thread is to promote the existing trello card for customizable markdown delimiters:

From the trello description:

Customize the delimiter for all markdown formats (LaTeX included, although it’s not technically part of Markdown).

Instead of the default (**, __, $$, `, etc), you’ll be able to set a global default delimiter, which will be overridden by the per-document setting.

The per-document setting because documents can be shared, and you probably want to set the delimiter to a common one for easier collaboration.

I see a couple of benefits from this.

a) Backticks in code-blocks
I would set the delimiters to ``` (3 backticks). I’m aware that the 3 backticks are currently used for unofficial multi-line code blocks, but single backtick works perfectly for multi-line code already.

b) Latex delimiter
Being able to set the latex delimiter to $ or even better \( and \) would be great. That second option would require to have different opening and closing custom delimiters. I’m fine with that and it would give more flexibility for other delimiters as well.

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I have another suggestion that builds upon this:
dummy CSS markup classes with custom delimiters.

I really like and use the custom CSS feature! :heart:
My proposal is this: there are several (maybe 3-6) dummy CSS markup classes without pre-defined delimiters; like a template. When a user sets delimiters in the settings, those do nothing at first (just inherit markup; or have no markup at all). But then the user can use custom CSS to define the markup they wish.

This would allow us to
a) have custom text highlighting
b) be able to grey-out text (similar to check but without strike-through)
c) have text underlining as suggested here: Add ++Highlighter++ formatting
d) use other CSS markup
e) have text segment colors and background colors as suggested here: Format text font and highlight with colors

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