Format text font and highlight with colors

Note that this says format text, not format entire item which has pre-selected 6 primary-secondary RBY colors.

It can be pre-selected colors like above but just not heavily de-saturated and brightened like item color highlighting format, I’d personally suggest 12 colors and the CMYK set which somewhat offers more brighter (or developers can choose it to be dark and de-saturated) colors; example can be seen in the picture:

Note, both text font and highlight color.


I understand how to implement it, but what is the use case of this?

Is it because 6 colors are not enough? Or that you want to highlight text segments rather than the entire item?

Or that you want to highlight text segments rather than the entire item?

Sorry for late reply but yes, this is what the feature request meant.


The main issue is that text formatting needs some kind of Markdown, given how the current system works. However, Markdown only has _, *, and ~ for formatting text, and we have used all of them. The challenge for us would be the syntax, not the styling implementation :slight_smile:

The thing I could suggest is [color=ID](text) or [text](color=ID) like the URL formatting; though not really sure if this or Markdown could work as expected…

The ID could just be from 1 to 12 (or 6) and each representing colors in (anti-)clockwise order in the color wheel.

Yeah, I like your idea, that’s the biggest issue though.

This kind of format will only work on Dynalist. It’s a hassle to export that to anywhere else. It’s not easy to type out either.

Ok, so I’d like to revive this feature request…

About the format working only with Dynalist, I’d suggest a “Markdown-only formatting” toggle. When on, users can’t use any formatting other than one existing in original Markdown formats; otherwise users can just use any formatting existing in Dynalist.

Or the alternate solution, because exporting gives 2 files which is ‘txt’ and ‘opml’.
‘opml’ is used for Dynalist backup file (from what I see in their file contents and format tags) and “.txt” is used for general Markdown-format files, right? If so, I guess the “.txt” could only have Markdown formats and not Dynalist-specific formats or 2 ‘txt’ files, one for each Markdown and Dynalist-only formats?

What do you think about this feature request instead?

Now I think about it, [color=ID](text) or [text](color=ID) is a bit of an overkill for highlighting text. I know the syntax is much more powerful as you can use many colors in the same item, but it’s complicated and not very Markdown-y :confused:

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I guess highlight format function could do too and for palettes, maybe the existing 6 colors could be enough.

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