Could someone suggest some tips for organizing large projects

Hey guys! :blush:

I have been using Dynalist for a few months now and I also love :heart_eyes: its flexibility and features. However, I am currently working on a few large projects and I’m finding it a bit challenging to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

I am looking for some advise on the managing complex projects within Dynalist. Specifically, I’m interested in: :point_right:

  1. Effective ways to structure documents and sub-documents.
  2. Tips for using tags and links to keep related items connected.
  3. Strategies for balancing detail without making the document overwhelming.
  4. Any useful shortcuts or features I might be overlooking.

I also check this :point_right: How dynalist organises the suggestions in the move item dialogcp-course But I have not found any solution.

Thank you!

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Elena Elbert

Hi Elean. There are so many things to recommend in the forum here. For instance, check this out:

I may post more later, but let me know if you get a kick outta that.
Best regards, Twohawks

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