How dynalist organises the suggestions in the move item dialogue


I chose the bug category for this, but it’s a bit of a grey area …

Anyway, I am interested here in how dynalist does this within the current document (I know it prioritises the current document over others and this seems to work for me so I’m not concerned about that).

Let’s start with the below nodes:


If I initiate the move dialogue on the ‘item’ node I get the below, which seems to suggest that the suggestions in the dialogue are ordered from top to bottom according to their order in the document rather than e.g. alphabetically - - it also doesn’t seem to matter where the test item is (e.g. in the below I have it in the middle of the list).

I am therefore a little confused why this same behaviour isn’t occurring in another context, my diary. I created a test version of this in its own completely separate document which looks like this:


If I try to move an item using the ࿂ symbol I get the following:


other searches give the same thing e.g. ‘Monday’:


So why aren’t these items being suggested in order, like in my test example? Can anyone from dynalist explain why this might be (all these suggestions are in the same document)? It would be really nice to figure this out as, firstly, when sending items to a day, it’s much quicker and easier if they are in their natural order. Furthermore if (as it seems) your general intention is for suggestions to appear in their natural order, this seems to be a bit of a bug.


Hmm is there a Feature Request on trello for improving Move query results?

Right now priority seems to be:

  1. Regex match character by character (with any characters allowed in between) like query abc will regex .*a.*b*.c.* and bring up anything like sabgdcl

  2. Scramble sort the list order randomly, maybe due to using some unordered list like a Python Set that helps efficiency by not storing the order

  3. Group by (in current document) first then (not in current document)

That seems to be the extent of the sorting.

Feature request would be:

  1. Subgroup by exact substring matches first

  2. Subgroup those groups by bookmarked items first

  3. Subgroup those groups by heirachy level, level 1 then level 2 etc

  4. That’s probably good for order


Another annoyance: Completed items (a.k.a. strikethrough and pseudo-deleted) will show up before normal items with the same name, when they should be dead last in the results.