Copy/Cut/Paste context menus

A colleague was working with a list of mine, selected some things and tried to copy. Right-mouse, and no Copy in the menu. Every windows program has Copy.

Aside: only Chrome or desktop allows the right-mouse. Edge, Firefox give you the browser context menu. In place of that, consider the hamburger menu.

It appears Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, and Ctrl-V work for copy/cut/paste, though they are not listed in the keymap.

(Slightly surprising (but sometimes useful), Ctrl-C only copies the expanded items, not the entire tree if it is collapsed. Less usefully, Ctrl-X Cut also does this, which makes a terrible way to lose a whole lot of data when the paste fails to paste the rest of the stuff.)

Anyway, please add these 3 to the hamburger menu.

Ctrl-C copies what you see (so excluding collapsed items) when pasting into a place that does not accept OPML. That way what you see is what you get.

If the destination is a place that accepts OPML, like Dynalist itself though, even the collapsed children items will be pasted over.

I agree Ctrl+X removes everything. You can recover the loss quite easily with Ctrl+Z… maybe not as straightforward as we thought for someone that’s not used to keyboard shortcuts though.

Thanks for the suggestion!