Completed task is not removed from the calendar


I have completed a task in dynalist but it still shows up as an event in the calendar. Shouldn’t it be removed from the calender when completed?


It currently works like this by design. Google Calendar doesn’t provide a “completed” state, events are kept there until the item is deleted in Dynalist.

You can delete all completed items by selecting “Delete checked items” in the item menu.

I hope that helps!


Yes, I posted about this some time ago. I think a good compromise would be how Todoistist handles it, to automatically delete completed items from the calendar. An option in the Google calendar sync setup to optionally delete completed items in the calendar would be awesome.

Currently I don’t use the calendar sync feature much, because if I look at my calendar and I see a mix of completed and incomplete items, it is not much use to me. How can I tell from the calendar which tasks are overdue without filtering out the complete ones?

Having to manually delete completed items each time I check off one item is a bit of a cumbersome workaround.

When such a feature is implemented, I would definitely use the calendar sync feature much more :slight_smile:


Great points!

We’ll consider adding that option. It will default to preserve checked items though, since we want to be conservative here. Since it has everything to do what a user sees on his calendar, we want to make sure we don’t delete things by assuming… the user should fully understand some items that exist in Dynalist will not be on Google Calendar.

I hope that’s understandable!


Great to hear you would implement this!

I don’t mind what the default is, as long as it is configurable.