Option to remove Google Calendar events when Dynalist item gets checked

I have completed a task in dynalist but it still shows up as an event in the calendar. Shouldn’t it be removed from the calender when completed?


It currently works like this by design. Google Calendar doesn’t provide a “completed” state, events are kept there until the item is deleted in Dynalist.

You can delete all completed items by selecting “Delete checked items” in the item menu.

I hope that helps!

Yes, I posted about this some time ago. I think a good compromise would be how Todoistist handles it, to automatically delete completed items from the calendar. An option in the Google calendar sync setup to optionally delete completed items in the calendar would be awesome.

Currently I don’t use the calendar sync feature much, because if I look at my calendar and I see a mix of completed and incomplete items, it is not much use to me. How can I tell from the calendar which tasks are overdue without filtering out the complete ones?

Having to manually delete completed items each time I check off one item is a bit of a cumbersome workaround.

When such a feature is implemented, I would definitely use the calendar sync feature much more :slight_smile:

Great points!

We’ll consider adding that option. It will default to preserve checked items though, since we want to be conservative here. Since it has everything to do what a user sees on his calendar, we want to make sure we don’t delete things by assuming… the user should fully understand some items that exist in Dynalist will not be on Google Calendar.

I hope that’s understandable!


Great to hear you would implement this!

I don’t mind what the default is, as long as it is configurable.

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Any update about progress here?

Unfortunately, there’s not much progress on this.

I did just moved this to a feature request, as it wasn’t discoverable, being buried in a pile of bugs.

Hopefully, after moving it to feature request, we can see if more people are interested in this, and if yes, we can proceed to implement it! :slight_smile:


I also would love something like this, but I propose instead of (or as another option to) automatically removing checked items from calendar syncing, we indicate somehow they are checked off in the calendar.

My to-do app (Nozbe) does this by adding a checkmark in front of the calendar event title when syncing. Perhaps something like that? It’s a quick, easy and informative visual indicator, and seeing it always makes me feel good. If there are a mix of multiple checked/unchecked items for one day, the ones with a checkmark are sorted visually at the bottom when viewing it in my calendar app or the GCal website, thus keeping the visual clutter at bay.

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I like @KevinK 's idea a lot.

It seems that most people don’t want it deleted either (related poll: Google Calendar checked item appearance).

Deleting is always the more destructive option, so we’ll only do it if there’s good reason to.

I can now see a “done” checkmark next to events in my Google Calendar that have been marked as “done” in Dynalist. That’s great, thank you!

(Other calendaring features I would welcome are: when I move an event to a different date in Dynalist, the notifications for it should be preserved in Google Calendar – currently they get deleted and I need to set them up in Google Calendar again. I think that’s true for recurring events, too. And, it would be great to be able to set up/view notifications right from/right inside Dynalist, but I suppose that’s asking too much.)

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So it does! Thanks also @Erica


Not sure what you mean by that, if you update the date in an item, the event should get moved in Google Calendar. Is that not happening for you?

Yes, the event itself gets moved, but if you previously set up reminders for the event in Google Calendar (I typically set up 1 pop-up reminder and 1 email reminder for each event), those notifications – that’s been my experience – get deleted when you move the event to a new time via Dynalist, and you need to set those reminders up all over again.

And, notifications can currently only be set up in Google Calendar itself – I wish it was possible to set them up, and (re)view their setup, in Dynalist. I don’t need for the reminders to arrive from Dynalist – it’s OK if they arrive from Google Calendar, but it would be nice, and a time-saver, if it were possible to set up/review the setup of notifications directly within Dynalist.

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