Changing the position of hidden notes logo

The current position of “hidden note logo” is leaving too much empty space under the list items. I think it might be better to place it after or before a list item. For example somewhere next to the list item.
But, the left side of list items is already occupied with three other icons and adding another icon will be against design standards.

:black_circle: list item from Dynalist :notepad_spiral:

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Hi @Leonardo_Callie and @Francisco_Barros, thanks for the suggestion!

Sorry we didn’t reply to the thread you linked to (‘Notes are present’ icon when notes set to hidden), we can talk about it here too.

At the time of implementation, I thought about putting it at end of line. However, because items have various lengths, the icons would either look too spaced out (imagine you have an item with 2 words) or not aligned at all. Both looked worse than what we have currently, from my perspective.

As @Leonardo_Callie pointed out, the space before the item is quite occupied, especially when you hover the item.

Maybe there’s a better way?

I don’t know where better to put the note’s icon, but how about an option to hide it alltogether:
Show | 1st Line | Icon | Hide

Regardless of this setting, I would suggest to show/expand the note of an item whenever the cursor is placed on that item.

This way one could use the note section of items to hide additional information that is relevant for organisation only (e.g. tags, keywords, links) without cluttering the view of the outline itself.

Interesting! I posted a poll earlier and it looks like people have different preferences. I guess that’s because people use notes in different ways :confused:

How about two things?
a. A set of options in Settings on where to display, and how it behaves.
b. Include the option to put the icon just before the list of Tags.

My personal preference is a hover/toggle line, directly under the item, with all those things in a line – Notes, Tags, Attachments, Sharing, Dates, etc. (Similar to ToDoIst’s layout)

What do you mean by “just before the list of Tags”? Tags are just normal text, so you can have them anywhere in the item.