Showing icon vs nothing at all when hiding note

So we want to know if the icon provides more visual cue or clutter/distractions… Cast your vote people!

The question is: when you’ve set note to be hidden…

  • I want to know if an item has note at a glance
  • I want to know if an item has note only when I’m editing it
  • I never want to know if an item has note; if I do I’ll just un-hide the notes

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never used it

but if the note is visually hidden upon using it,

  • then no nee for other signals
    im assuming it would be visually hidden
    if it’s not then it should be (then there wont be any need for an icon)

that’s about when you hide the note

as for the usability after you hide the note, which appears to be what some of the poll options are getting at,

g-sheets has an ‘small indicator’ to show there’s a ‘note hidden within a cell’

  • a note is black

  • while a comment is yellow

that’s what i’d do, it works, unless there is some better options i haven’t seen or know of yet