Can't save specific search results to URL

Steps to reproduce

Navigate to the item you want to search (item 1)
Search the desired terms
Copy URL
Navigate to a new item (item 2)
Go to URL copied from before

Expected result

To be back exactly where I was when I copied the URL (item 1 with search)

Actual result

Dynalist first navigates to the last item that was viewed before (item 2 with search), and then searches


Mac, Chrome

@Erica, is this something you plan to change?

I want to work on creating my own search wizard tool that generates a URL with the desired search. The only things stopping me now is this issue :slight_frown:

Sorry but I can’t reproduce this issue. I was sent back to exactly where I was with the search term when I tried to go to the URL copied from before.

What’s the relationship of item 1 and item 2 in your case? Are you in the same document?

Better yet you can record the screen so it’s more clear what’s happening.

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I was so frustrated when I tried this again, and the bug wasn’t happening. But finally, I got it!

The bug only occurs when item 1 is the home URL for the document.

Ah, that’s why. That was the intended behavior though – when you go to a document, we want to send you to the last location so you can pick up where you were.

I know it’s against what you wanna do in some cases, but it’s actually useful in some other cases.

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In that case, my suggestion is that you make a separate URL for the document itself (which will go to the last location) and the home item. I noticed that when I go to the home item, there is no “#z=” in the URL. Could you just add an ability for something like “#z=0” going to the home item? This should solve my problem completely without in any way interfering with your intended feature.

In almost every case that I want to save the URL of a search, I want to search my entire document. I was already saving searches like this back when I used Workflowy, (which didn’t have this problem). As it is right now, I can only see two workarounds:

  1. remember to always zoom out all the way every time I do a search.
  2. have a single child item on my home item that I search.

Both of these solve the main issue but are still inconvenient. If you could get around to splitting the URLs of home items and documents that would be really helpful!

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Mmm, I second this issue. I do get the value of sticky zoom (although I’m personally not a fan because I use other methods like links, alt and left, @wip tags etc to get to lower levels), but we do also need the option to go straight to the higher level. Often for example we might have links or tag clouds at the highest level to navigate the document.

I would personally really like sticky zoom to be an option in settings really.

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This is the exact problem I face all the time.

This seems like it would be a very quick and unintrusive feature to implement (by having a optional URL like “#z=0” that forwards to the top level) @Erica @Shida and it would really help a lot.

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just noticed “z=root” is a thing now!

Yeah it is, does it work for your use case?

yes, thank you.