Features for programming, scripting, and automating Dynalist

Once the desktop app is integrated with local URLs, and also once we can save search results without losing location, I’ll be able to have a lot of fun creating external tools and automations for navigating through my list.

It’s also crucial that I can send items via email (to any location), which would also be immensely helpful to me for the tools I want to create. Of course, an API would be awesome. However, I’m not sure if this would be useful for external tools or if it will be mainly for web programming such as Chrome Extensions. For me, just a working URL and email system would be enough for accomplishing a ton of things. I wrote out a couple of my ideas in this post.

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wooo this person seems so active…

you dont mention what the goals are, and why the tools are useful

i should go read that link at bot…

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Oh, a chrome extension similar to the one that exisists for Workflowy would be wonderful! Being able to send items via email would be amazing, and if there was a way to integrate reminders with tasks in Dynalist, I would be in heaven! Looking forward to seeing what wizardry you can conjure up, lol!

I have so many ideas every day, no joke. Just waiting for any kind of API :wink:

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