Search with parenthesis

For example: "#MustHaveThis (#withThis OR #withThat).

In the above example, items must have the tag #MustHaveThis, but also must have either #withThis or #withThat.

Currently, there is a workaround: "#MustHaveThis #withThis OR #MustHaveThis #withThat

This is inconvenient for large searches and makes it harder to create a search wizard (I mentioned I’m doing this here).

Edit: I’ve been playing around with searches, and I’d say this is inconvenient for any search that involves an OR operator, not just large ones.

I want to do searches such as “until:today #school” but right now I have to do things like “-has:date #school OR until:today #school” (or else I’ll never see items I forget to date). Now that I’m starting to use the date feature more, being able to use parenthesis in searches is really a must.


Very perceptive feature request. Certainly worth looking into @Erica – depending on how search is already implemented should be feasible, @Shida?

I don’t use searches like this a lot but the logic is sound

Good one, @Matt_Groth