Can I preview a list of all my attached files?

Is there a way to do this? I want to see a list of all my file attachments made (the actual files), kind of like a file explorer on my PC

I don’t see thjese files when i backup dynalist locally to my PC

I’d like to have a high level overview of all the file/attachments i made so I can preview them all quickly

(Using dynalist pro)

if this isn’t the case, could this be potentially made into development?


@Vincent_Tang, try the “Upload manager” option in the main menu!

I am wondering if via the upload manager there could be an option to rename the files that have been uploaded. (see image below)

There are times when I do a simple paste of an image into a dynalist document. When I do this, the uploaded image is listed as “Pasted image”. Are there any thoughts about renaming the uploaded file?

Thanks for the considerations.

@Shida, is it possible to allow renaming after we’ve uploaded it to AWS?

I don’t think we have that option for now. Could look to add it in the future because the name is stored on our side and not AWS.

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Pasted image name change would be nice

This is what my upload manager looks like

Its mostly .exe files, .PDF files, .txt, .csv, etc. Sometimes I cannot find a download mirror anywhere for some software (microsofts 2012 C++ distributable software, specific drivers, fujitsu scansnap software), so I use dynalist’s upload / AWS as an extra copy. I’ve had issues where I couldn’t do anything when a download host was bad for several months at a time.

I’m probably going to put more template excel CSV / PDF files for work here, its sometimes faster than navigating on my dropbox

for images

I’m running shareX + (image host) to handle all my .jpeg + .gifs + .png on backend

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