Calendar hack for Dynalist

I discovered this calendar hack from a Workflowy post and used it with my Workflowy list before transferring over to Dynalist. I find it a great way to keep on top of all of my various obligations and tasks for the days and weeks ahead at a single glance. I also use it as a tickler file for things coming down the pipe in the months ahead. What I love about Dynalist is that I can make it look a lot prettier by adding an image for each moth as well as using color to highlight the weekends - things that that I could not do in Workflowy :grinning:


I use the same hack. It worked great in Workflowy, and works equally well in Dynalist.

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This is great, but wouldn’t it be better if it had every day of the year?

I have a calendar in dynalist too and discovered something very nice today - if each day has a unique name (My days are a series of tags like #tue #d24 #apr #2017 which are produced through phrase express macros or an automated excel file) then you can REALLY easily send items very quickly to anywhere in your ‘tickler file’ e.g. type in #tue to the move box and all the tuesdays come up - I love this move feature of dynalist coming from workflowy