Thanks for catching that! Looking into it.


FYI a workaround until it’s fixed is to uncheck the setting’ Use bullet to zoom’. The bullet can then be used to Expand/Collapse with the Zoom icon appearing to the left of any back link numbers

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This is a minor bug but I found it after finding random empty nodes around my files which I didn’t remember creating:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Zoom in on an item with no children
  2. Click on the backlinks area - anywhere under the line but not on a backlink item
  3. A new child is created under the zoomed in item

After click:

Expected result
I don’t see a reason why a child should be created in this scenario?

Good work though, changed how I use Dynalist!

ETA: Will Backlinks be coming to the Android app soon?

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Will be fixed in the next web release.

Same as above :slight_smile:

Will be fixed in the next web release! Thanks for catching that.


Thanks for being so on it Erica. Another possible bug: the backlinks display shows the entire note of all items, as far as I can tell, regardless of any note settings - this is very problematic for big notes

Right, that’s something we need to fix too. Could you file a quick bug report for that so we don’t lose track of it?

I also wonder since there are per-document settings for checked items and notes too, which setting should the backlinks comply to? The current document, or the document they actually belong to? Of course it’s my job to figure it out, but would love to hear you ideas too :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean but personally I think the current document that you’re viewing them in - if you’re in that document and you want notes to be collapsed, I think you would want that for backlinks too - plus having it based on the document they actually live in could be very confusing :smiley:


Any idea when we will have this on the desktop? (I’m on Win10)

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Very soon, sorry about the delay!

Sorry for bringing back this topic but the Menu visibility next to the bullet (Hamburguer) is still not quite fixed. As you can see, I have this list with bullets and sub-bullets next to the root. And the new backlink number is there, which is nice. But the menu gets so much deslocated to the left that it gets hidden…

This is what happens. I can move the mouse to the left until I hover the menu but it’s like going blind until I hit something. I only know it’s a menu because of the tooltip that appears.

This doesn’t happen, though, whne I have the narrow layout or the document border applied (from the Advanced settings), but both are not pleasant to me to look at.

If my document shows me backlinks for levels deeper, this thing doesn’t happen because naturally the document is already more deslocated to the right rather than when it’s closer to the root. Hope what I’m saying makes sense.

Thanks for the great support once again!

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I have the same issue of Fabio:

Basically there is a gap between the magnifier and the backlinks counter, which pushes the Hamburger menu under the Files pane. The tooltip is also cut.

Any update on completed items in the backlinks being hidden please? Things are getting quite cluttered already when it has all my completed stuff that I can’t hide.

And wasn’t the Android app with backlinks imminent?


Edit: while I’m here, is it possible to apply custom CSS on the content in the backlink area, without affecting nodes in the main outline area? I’d like to set all the backlinks to ~70% text size, but they seem to use the same class as the main outline content

There’s a parent class that you can use to distinguish items in the backlink area vs the main documentument.

It will be released soon!

Thanks. God CSS is so frustrating, as a novice in it.

I tried for an hour last night, using the > selector with various parent classes but couldn’t get it to work. Any help would be appreciated!

> selector means it’s one level deeper (direct children only). So for backlinks, you want to skip the > part.

Just do .parentClass .childClass instead.

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I don’t mind the backlinks when zoomed in to the node, but I don’t like the blue icon by the item when zoomed out.

If you agree, here is the fix:

/* Remove backlink counter icon */
.node-backlink-counter{ display: none; }

I am not a clever man.

Can someone give an example of backlinks being useful? EDIT: appearently I missed this, nevermind

Also, do you have to manually create links to have them show up in backlinks? Like you have to type the full [text][] markdown to create a link right? Or is there some easier way I don’t know about?

How did you make all those solar system links?

I’m still playing with backlinks myself, so my thoughts are definitely a work in progress. But here’s what I’ve learned so far:

To me, backlinks seem most useful when you use Dynalist like a wiki. For example, when you have one node that is the “home” for a topic or person, and any time you refer to that topic or person, you create a link to it. (Both Markdown and raw links work this way.) Then when you zoom into the “home” for that topic, you can see all the places that refer to it. It’s a way to (re-)discover associations between things.

Right now it only works for explicitly created links. Many people have asked for displaying “mentions” as well as backlinks, to allow you to see where the topic name is used even if it’s not a proper link.

I’m on the fence as to whether this approach is more or less successful than tags. Maybe it depends on how your data is structured. Still thinking… :thinking:

You should type [[ to create links. Please do not type those out manually, please! :scream:


Oh my god. This is so much better than what I’ve been slogging thru all this time lol. Maybe now that I just learned how to make internal links easily I’ll start using those backlinks too.