There’s a parent class that you can use to distinguish items in the backlink area vs the main documentument.

It will be released soon!

Thanks. God CSS is so frustrating, as a novice in it.

I tried for an hour last night, using the > selector with various parent classes but couldn’t get it to work. Any help would be appreciated!

> selector means it’s one level deeper (direct children only). So for backlinks, you want to skip the > part.

Just do .parentClass .childClass instead.

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I don’t mind the backlinks when zoomed in to the node, but I don’t like the blue icon by the item when zoomed out.

If you agree, here is the fix:

/* Remove backlink counter icon */
.node-backlink-counter{ display: none; }

I am not a clever man.

Can someone give an example of backlinks being useful? EDIT: appearently I missed this, nevermind

Also, do you have to manually create links to have them show up in backlinks? Like you have to type the full [text][] markdown to create a link right? Or is there some easier way I don’t know about?

How did you make all those solar system links?

I’m still playing with backlinks myself, so my thoughts are definitely a work in progress. But here’s what I’ve learned so far:

To me, backlinks seem most useful when you use Dynalist like a wiki. For example, when you have one node that is the “home” for a topic or person, and any time you refer to that topic or person, you create a link to it. (Both Markdown and raw links work this way.) Then when you zoom into the “home” for that topic, you can see all the places that refer to it. It’s a way to (re-)discover associations between things.

Right now it only works for explicitly created links. Many people have asked for displaying “mentions” as well as backlinks, to allow you to see where the topic name is used even if it’s not a proper link.

I’m on the fence as to whether this approach is more or less successful than tags. Maybe it depends on how your data is structured. Still thinking… :thinking:

You should type [[ to create links. Please do not type those out manually, please! :scream:


Oh my god. This is so much better than what I’ve been slogging thru all this time lol. Maybe now that I just learned how to make internal links easily I’ll start using those backlinks too.

I am really loving this feature, it’s definitely helping me build outlines to prep for my MA comprehensive exams! One suggestion/thought: would it be possible to show backlinks at the bottom of a document, rather than just on zoomed items? Visually it would help me to see what’s in the document together with the backlinks. Anybody else feel the same? Would it make sense as an optional feature?