Backlink Interface

I love the new option of using backlinks - it allows me to use Dynalist as a Zettelkasten system similar to Roam (or Obsidian, for that matter - I prefer Dynalist since there’s a web app). However, the user interface for creating backlinks is difficult on Dynalist. I have to navigate to the [ key on my keyboard, press it twice, type the beginning of the note I’m trying to link to - then when I select it instead of bringing me to the end of the sentence so I can continue typing it makes it so any key I press changes the text of the link. This really breaks up my flow. Workflowy actually as a very nice interface around this - the [[ is right there on their shortcuts menu for the Android app and as soon as you select the appropriate note to link to you can continue typing without additional fuss. Any chance you’re working on similar functionality? Thanks!

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I agree - in fact over 2/3 of voters want to get rid of the titles entirely. We just want the internal link inserted by itself, with the cursor after. Hopefully they make the change.

Minor note: They’re called internal links, not backlinks. Backlinks have to be enabled in settings, and are the automatically generated ones you see on the destination item, that point back to where you first linked to it.


Absolutely. The backlinks, mirrors, embedded nodes, and many advanced features feel as if they have been done too quickly and left incomplete. It seems that the devs have been just focusing in Obsidian for the last years and Dynalist development was left almost abandoned. :frowning:


Ugh I hope that isn’t the case. Dynalist still beats Workflowy overall but Workflowy’s use of backlinks and mirroring really makes me think about switching.