Autocomplete tags when searching


How about allowing the auto-completion feature also in the search box same as Workflowy?

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Excellent idea. I think the only reason we haven’t done it is time.

In at least half of the cases you would click on a tag to start searching, so we didn’t think of this feature as a high priority. Nevertheless it’s something we’re happy to do once we have less on our plates :slight_smile:.



I would consider this a top priority!


@Erica, that is actually not my typical use case. I would say clicking the tag is <10% for me, if that.

Most of the time I want to quickly filter a list, by project or customer name. So I would hit find, then type @D expecting to look for @Dynalist entries. Currently we’d have to type out nearly the whole thing, especially for tags with similar first few letters.


I see, I can see why that’s a pain point for you then.

Bumped this up in our todo list :slight_smile:



A handy feature in Workflowy – when a search begins with a tag symbol – # or @ – a list of matching tags pops up that filters as you type.

For example – search for “#f” and you’ll see a list of all tags that start with “#f”. Type another character such as “#fa” and the list filters down to just tags that begin with “#fa”. This is very fast and easy to use.

It is much faster to use than the Tag List pane in Dynalist.

Please consider this as a feature request.

Thank you!


FYI…I just checked and did not see this on the Dyanlist Roadmap .

Is there something we need to do to get this nominated as a feature candidate?



Sorry for the late reply!

10 Likes is usually enough. (To anyone who’s reading: like the OP’s post if you want something like this!)

We also like to group similar feature requests together, so they take less space on the roadmap. For example, auto-complete should work in a number of places including inbox capture, search, global search, move dialog, item finder, etc. We can put them all in one card, so the votes don’t get diluted.


Erica, we have 11 Likes on this feature request now.

Would you consider adding it to the Dynalist roadmap? I’m sure it will have to wait while higher priority updates take precedent, but at least it would be on the list.




:slight_smile: :sunny:


Yay! Yipee! Hurray! :yum: