Auto-Sort by Date

Now that we have begun to have calender integration, I think we will be creating a lot more time-specific items. I think a feature that allows an item to auto-sort its children by date would be extremely useful. I understand that it would be a big step since there is no auto searching of any kind yet, but for me this would allow me to keep a very nicely organized agenda and help me immensely with planning.

I think the sorting should be based only on starting dates if we incorporate durations. If we incorporate recurring items, it would be amazing if we could also have the option to make clones or links or some indication that the item exists at multiple future times. Perhaps the user can define a visibility range for the item too since recurring tasks go on forever. So, for example, the default could be two weeks, but it could be increased or decreased by any number of days. If any non-recurring items have dates outside of this visibility range, they will still visible in the list because the visibility only applies to the 2nd or higher instance of recurring tasks.


what? we have ‘integration’ - i dunno what this means – sounds cool

like math integration?, i dunno math above 1+1 = me

wonder how exactly it’s useful

i wish someone would tell me,

isn’t this what i use g-cal for?

but sounds & noise are sounds & noise

where exactly is progress? where is magic? where is quantifiability? where is X?

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Since I don’t see it on the roadmap, I wanted to bring up this idea again. It would be handy for me to keep long lists of due dates or meetings in order and wouldn’t clutter the UI (as far as I can tell).

I would like to suggest put the date first, so when you sort it by title, it is kind like auto-sort by date. For example the following is the list of movies I like to watch, this way the oldest (depend how you like, you can reverse it too) will always be on top when I sort title A to Z.

I think it will be a very useful thing would be to have the ability to keep some list sorted constantly, without the need to sort them manually.

Another sort option could be by last modified, so for a list containing important notes, we will have the most recent edited on top every time we access the list.
Similarly, the ability to sort search result by last modified (or is that already implemented and I just don’t know how to do it?)