Shortcut to sort by date

I have a list of items with a date. I’d love it if there was a keyboard shortcut to re-sort them (most recent first), or even better, a way to make the list know it should resort itself after each new item gets added or edited.

Similar to Auto-Sort by Date


Like if you would like this feature implemented as well!

This is a less aggressive version of the linked feature request, yes. It also costs less side effects than the “auto-sort” concept. If you set a list to auto sort and later forget about it, I imagine see the new items jump around would be confusing.


Thanks! I’m currently doing it via Keyboard Maestro, but it doesn’t work very reliably :sweat_smile:

PS I think this could be a better title for general discussion of quick-sorting, since I think I’d be keen to have quick-sorting available for other things than just date (e.g. alphabetical): Shortcut for Sorting