Shortcut to sort by date

I have a list of items with a date. I’d love it if there was a keyboard shortcut to re-sort them (most recent first), or even better, a way to make the list know it should resort itself after each new item gets added or edited.

Similar to Auto-Sort by Date


Like if you would like this feature implemented as well!

This is a less aggressive version of the linked feature request, yes. It also costs less side effects than the “auto-sort” concept. If you set a list to auto sort and later forget about it, I imagine see the new items jump around would be confusing.


Thanks! I’m currently doing it via Keyboard Maestro, but it doesn’t work very reliably :sweat_smile:

PS I think this could be a better title for general discussion of quick-sorting, since I think I’d be keen to have quick-sorting available for other things than just date (e.g. alphabetical): Shortcut for Sorting

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Agree, I’d love to see this implemented. Thoughts, @Erica

Hi Erica,

Any updates on this? I’m dying for this feature. I re-sort manually at least 10 times a day :sweat_smile:

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the bump. I’ll bump up the priority of this task.

Sorry for the delay!

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I saw the subject on my email inbox and for a second I thought the feature had been implemented. My heart skipped a beat :sweat_smile:

Very soon! :wink:

Update: it’s available in the web app now, coming to the desktop apps tomorrow! Thanks for suggesting @Nacho!


That’s awesome! Thank you so much. You just saved me a lot of clicking around every single day :blush:

One small comment I have has to do with the sort order. I really don’t understand why you call it “(old to new)” but that’s the only sort that I use because I want tasks that are due today to appear before those that are due tomorrow. If I sort using “(new to old)” the order makes no sense. I see tasks that are due in 3 days appear before one that was due 2 days ago, followed by one that is due in 5 days:

That’s fine for me because (old to new) works, but within this order I would like tasks with a specific hour to appear before those that only have the day information (not the time). Is that possible?

It’s not possible right now, sorry. Full day events are considered to range from start to the end of the day (from 00:00 am to 11:59 pm), and dates are sorted by start time, which makes sense to me.

Sorry about that!

Ok, I understand.

What about this? I still don’t understand why it’s called (new to old)

And they are on the same level?


Did you use shortcut or menu item?

I wasn’t able to reproduce it, and when I finally was able to reproduce it after 10+ tries, I realized that I was clicking on the “Edited (new to old)” instead of “Date (new to old)”.

Not sure if that helps. Can’t reproduce with the shortcuts at all.

Hi Erica,

Sorry about that. I think you’re right. I might have clicked on Edited by mistake.

If you use date sort often, setting up a shortcut might be better. I have to say it’s not easy to always click on the right item, because they look so similar (the “new to old” part).

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