Apple watch integration?

I would love it if Dynalist could be integrated with the Apple Watch. It would be great to create voice generated notes that would be automatically added to my Dynalist Inbox.

It would work similarly to the note-taking app BEAR on iOS.


Same with the Android watch. My main integration at the moment is the syncing of due items to the Google Calendar, which can be accessed on the watch. But that’s one-way.

As for voice input I would settle for Alexa voice input. Like AnyList does. But keeping a small to do/grocery list on my Apple watch would be great.

I would really enjoy having apple watch integration as well. I am currently using buy me a pie and it’s nice to have your lists on the watch, but really I would prefer to use Dynalist.

Just bumping this up. I would love to immediately capture my ideas on my Apple Watch.

Is it possible to speak to my Apple Watch and have it become text in Dynalist?

Somebody around here posted a way with Siri and (Shortcuts or IFTTT or something). You’ll have to search.

Some kind of minimal Apple Watch support would be nice. Perhaps a few select lists could be made browsable, or even just the inbox?