API for inserting items into document should return new item ids


After inserting an item with /doc/edit we currently have to query the entire document to find out the new item id. It would be great if this was included in the request response.



Maybe to give some context: currently there is no simple strategy to insert an entire subtree of items.

Add to Inbox via native Android app

This should be a rather simple thing to change. Any chance this could happen soon @Shida? Would love to make use of that feature!

Edit: The same problem applies to the inbox endpoint.

Add to Inbox via native Android app

Agreed this is problematic and a big oversight on our part. We already have this bug tracked from another report and we’re still discussing on the best way to fix this.

I’ll look into having this prioritized. I believe we can have it out by end of Feb, possibly much earlier depending on our current travel schedule.


Thank you @Shida, the earlier the better. My new app update depends on this :wink:
We have drag & drop, editing, deleting items & widgets coming up.