API wishlist


Hey @Erica and @Shida,

there are a few features that I still would love to have in the API (for my android app):

All of this should be pretty straightforward to add and would make the app so much better.



We’ve just been able to address the newly inserted item ID issue! Will look into adding the other stuff soon.


Thank you, that was the most pressing issue. The others are just nice to have.


Use case: get node, get text, get date created/modded, insert date into text into node.


@Shida any updates on this?


Thanks for the ping, we’ll make sure this gets resolved before end of month. Sorry about the delay!


Just an update - We’ve implemented this and it’s scheduled to go out around this weekend.


That is amazing Shida! Thank you, looking forward to it.


Any chance we will also get an API for file upload at some point? @Shida


I can get that to work after March’s improvements that we’re currently working on. Also we just deployed the new APIs for the missing metadata!


Just out of curiosity, is this being worked on already?


I haven’t started on this yet but it’s already tracked and assigned to our next up list.


Would love to see an API for uploading files/pics. I would use it on my iPhone with Shortcuts as a way to fix the issue that only pictures can be uploaded.