Any plans to integrate with Obsidian?

I would really like to have some option to automatically sync all or some files with Obsidian.
Something as simple as just having dynalist automatically exporting markdown files somewhere and letting me figure out how to sync that with my Obsidian vault would be nice. The range of possibilities for integration with Obsidian extends far beyond that of course.

Dynalist is great for outlining and collaborating, and I’d like to use it in conjunction with Obsidian at some point as opposed to having them as mostly separated containers.

Edit: linking to previous discussion on the topic.


My current vibe is that they are too fundamentally different to tie together. At least, it’s not a 1 or 2 programmer job. They have more important roadmap to work on. There are just so many “gotchas” that would need to be addressed, edge cases that need custom code, blahblahblah. It would probably be just as much work, or less work, to add dynalist-ish functions and paradigms into obsidian from scratch. Each little function and list manipulation could be made native to obsidian - move item, email to list, move up and down list, just all those little things. They should be codable in templater or plugins, one by one. So, my current feeling is it’s best to do that - just feature request small things that you’ve clearly articulated in a Obsidian Feature Request on their forum, and the big community tends to chime in helpfully. Most of them have never used dynalist, so it requires careful thought and wording, but they do have clever ideas.

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-I would love it if I could easily export my Dynalist outlines into Obsidian

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If you don’t have an astronomical number of documents, try select all and paste

It works surprisingly well

You see though, I don’t want to simply forward my documents to Obsidian, and I super don’t want to do that on a per document basis. I want to be able to use Dynalist’s live collaboration and mobility and sync that with an Obsidian vault.

That isn’t feasible because Dynalist doesn’t store documents as plain text markdown, but rather, ugly .json files.

A dynalist clone called logseq DOES store documents in plain text markdown tho. A lot of threads about folks using logseq + obsidian

As for live collaboration, I am afraid logseq is single player, so probably not what you want.