Feature request: A better way to publish Dynalist documents to Obsidian Publish websites

The issue is that it’s hard to share a pretty copy of dynalist documents, even if you buy Dynalist Pro and Obsidian Publish. Obsidian and Dynalist can’t replace each other yet, so it’d be nice if they got along better. I have some ideas.

Implementation idea 1: Store custom-css in the Dynalist document and share it with shared documents. You can then link the dynalist view-only link from your Obsidian Publish website. So it wont be ugly (plain) like it is now.

Implementation idea 2: Add a parameter to the existing API that returns the same Obsidian-friendly format the Dynalist > Export > Formatted currently does. This would let Obsidian’s plug-in community make something that periodically imports (and overwrites) a dynalist.md file that you can link into your Obsidian graph. Your Obsidian CSS would apply

POST https://dynalist.io/api/v1/doc/read
"token": "<your api secret token>",
"file_id": "<document id>",
"export_format": "formatted"

I know technically some super-genius could parse the json to markdown already themselves, but it’s been years and I’ve never seen the code to do it.

Implementation idea 3: Store documents in .md instead of the json format with the Dynalist Desktop app, and let users choose where they are saved, so they can save it to obsidian_vault/dynalist/document.md if they like, and Obsidian Publish it if they like.

Implementation idea 4: Some forum hacker help me figure out how to share my dynalist document with custom CSS. Maybe you made a python beutiful soup script that can take a shared dynalist URL, press the Export button, save the document as markdown to the cloud, publish it as html with custom css periodically.

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