Android beta app thread


Hi, my first day report.

About back navigation.
I expect tapping back button of the android to navigate backward. It works ok except on the search mode. Tapping back button on search mode (both of document pane and file pane) immediately closes the app. I know there is a back button on the search box, but my behavior of using back button makes me to ignore it.


Just fixed this and it’s going out in the next release! Thanks for the report :slight_smile:


I hope this is an ok place to say that I would like to be a part of the android beta app if still possible - I used workflowy to run every aspect of my life for several years before making the switch due to your active development and am a bit of a productivity app nut so promise some constructive feedback


@Stephen_Dewitt, sorry for the late reply!

Dynalist is now available for public beta:


I just installed it on my tablet. I will play around with it to see how it behaves. Nice work so far!


I really like the search functionality in the mobile app. When you do the initial search it puts the focus on “Search in this document…”, and then when I touch the document icon it switches to “Search everywhere…” Very nice usability!


A bug when I choose to “Add Date” with the ! shortcut, or the “Add date” option. The calendar appears correctly initially, however, if I move to different month, the Month label disappears. I can still choose a date, however, I lose visibility to the specific month I am choosing for that particular date.


Thanks for the report! I’ll try to reproduce it and add it to the “Known issue” list if I can.


I just made the switch over from WorkFlowy this morning - I managed my entire life on WF, loved it,
but you guys have some of the features I need that they don’t seem to have any plans to add. Love
your app so far.

I installed the beta on a Nexus 4 this morning. First impressions are pretty good - other than the speed.
WorkFlowy Android is blazing fast.

Dynalist beta not so much … theres a distinctive lag on the initial download when opening the app up. Also the delay when choosing the ‘Refresh’ from the menu in the top right corner is 5 seconds or more.


I had a list in a document on the Windows desktop app:

  • selected the entire list
  • made all the items a checklist
  • made sure the label in the desktop app says ‘Synced’
  • opened the document in the Android app

The list is still a standard list without checkboxes, they are not showing up in Android. They do show up in the web version - so the change was synced there.

To test this again, I made the top item in the list on the desktop version bold - made sure it was synced - then went back to the Android app - refreshed it - and the line is now bold. So in this case the bold change synced, but the checkmarks did not.

Thanks again for a great app guys, WF just lost 4.99 a month - if everything is still cool in a couple of weeks that will probably get transferred over to you!


Working on this, will probably have the optimization ready by some time next week!

Can’t replicate this, but it’s potentially caused by having a large document. I’ve seen cases where the checklist change takes longer to get synced visually. Also, when you don’t edit, the app syncs every 5 minutes at most, so that would be a reason why you think it’s not syncing. We’re implementing web socket for real-time updates soon, so that would fix it! :slight_smile:


I noticed an issue today in the Android Beta (Are we still using this super thread for bugs even though it’s public beta now?)

anywho, what I noticed is if I want go to the beginning of an item with the cursor and then hit enter (to add an empty bullet on the line above the current one) it actually ends up putting the first word in the current bullet and creating a new bullet under it to add the rest of the line.

For example:

  • My Sample line

So if I put the cursor before the ‘M’ in my, and then hit enter, what I end up with is:

  • My
  • _Sample line

(Note the _ is actually a space but added here for demonstration). Now the difference is that the cursor will still be on the line with the word My (the cursor doesn’t go down to the next line).

If however I put the cursor after the y in my, and then I hit enter, what I end up with the same nodes, but the cursor is on the bottom line with the rest of the sentence.


Still having problems with system settings to Large Fonts. Sidebar looks messed up, as reported earlier, and bullets take up a whole line:

Checkbox pushes text to next line
Android App: Bullet text not next to bullet (non-default sys font setting)

What’s your List density setting? I tried just Large font and everything is alright. I even set the font to Roboto…

And is that version 1.0.11? Thanks!


I just updated the Android app, and it looks like my list density is the largest possible. Even though I had it on compact. No matter what setting I use it doesn’t change.


Sorry about that, it was caused by the frontend performance optimization. Fixing it right now and the extra spacing should go away in the next release!


Where is the version visible?

System font is largest. Font setting in the app self not changed. List density makes no change to the above screenshot


I see, it could be because of the system font. Sorry I missed the “system” part.

You can see the app version in Google Play, but yeah, we should add an About for mobile as well.


Fixed in 1.0.16, sorry about that!


Thanks! Looking better now :slight_smile:


I just downloaded the app and I’m unable to login. I don’t have a Dynalist login; I’ve just used my Google account. However, when I tap “Browser login” then “Sign in with Google” and select my email address, I just get a blank screen.

At first glance it would appear that Google is down, but Google never goes down. This might not be related to Dynalist, but as it stands I can’t log in to the Dynalist app.