Android beta app thread


The app still crashes every now and then, especially if I’m expanding lists or switching between them. Is this a known issue? I’m reluctant to use the app until it’s fixed as I don’t want to lose anything!


It’s a known for very large lists. Exactly how large would depend on how powerful your phone is…

Basically the phone cannot display so many things at once. The problem should subside if you separate large documents into smaller ones.

If the app is crashing for you on reasonable documents (like a few hundred items), that might be a different bug.


I didn’t read the full long thread below this, but will add a comment at this point.

I am also one of the people who are eager to see ways to channel info into DL, one way or another. And yes, the Android share interface would be nice, too. Although it would raise the same questions/challenges about managing “destinations” and so on - which are also being discussed in relation to the email input interface.

If the email interface is put in place, this can also serve as a “catcher” for Android shares - e.g. via apps like Email Me Pro where you can set up a number of predefined profiles that forward the shared info to a certain email address and with a certain title etc…

Although images/attachments are (probably) not considered for first version of the email interface.

I don’t personally have the need to capture a lot of images directly in DL.
If I get that usecase, I will probably set up an easy way to share the images to a cloud folder. Then on the desktop I will drag them into DL if that is where I need them.
(If e-mail input could accept them, I would probably have IFTTT/Zapier email them from the cloud drive).

For URLs I mostly use Pocket for the first, easy capture. They then go onwards to Evernote or my task manager via Zapier/email.
Of course the ability to share directly into DL would be nice.
(If the email input is in place first, I can of course insert it that way).

The most important usecase for me, regarding input to DL, is text notes though. At the very least in plain text. (Formatted/OPML would be good too of course).


I haven’t seen much mention of widgets yet (guess that comes later, after basic usability and stability is in place).

One big usecase for me would be to have simple 1x1 widgets that open a specific document or bookmark. That would be good support of many tasks. (And if there is a lack of “share functionality”, it can also help out in some of that. Opening a position quick for pasting).

Another one would be to show a list/window with content based on a search e.g. on tags or whatever. This could be a search defined in the widget, or a saved search in DL. (The latter is preferred, as this makes it easier to set / reestablish widgets on several devices).


Yes I would also love widgets, but also imagine that to be a little way down the line …

On another note I am still finding the dynalist app so slow as to be almost unusuable across three medium to high end android phones and continue to use the web based version instead, which is absolutely fine. Is this a known issue?


Personally I haven’t been distracted by speed issues. I use a Moto G5 Plus with 7.0 and Snapdragon 625.

My reasons for not being able to fully rely on the app version is mainly usability issues.
Biggest annoyance for daily use is that the app very often does not scroll to show the current line of what I am typing. Sometimes it is two lines behind. So I am typing blind.
Then at some random point it catches up. That’s a constant annoyance with all work I do in it.
I use Google’s own keyboard app that came with 7.0 so I assume that it is not a weird overlay problem due to bad app behaviour.


Hmm, are you working on an especially huge document?


Does that tend to happen when you tap on something that’s in the bottom half the screen, and then the screen doesn’t automatically scroll up by enough so the text you’re editing is covered by the keyboard?