Alt+Click on a date to delete it

I had a task that’s something like this: “Task name !(2016-11-08)”, and it contains subitems as its details. I did some planning underneath it, and when I’m done, I want to remove the date but not the “Task name” item itself.

It would be nice if I could remove the date by clicking on it while holding Alt, just like with tags.

P.S. I have the “highlight overdue items” option on, so I like to remove dates when it’s no longer due.


Are you going to reply to this yourself? :smile:

I think you could maybe generalise this, so that Alt + Click on any item deletes it (so at the moment its just tags and dates and images etc).

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Yeah, the consistency would be really nice. :slight_smile:

Alt-Click feels natural to me for tags, dates, and images but not for all items. I think the reason is that the former three have a box around them / background behind them, so they feel like objects to vanish, whereas alt-clicking on text feels more like inserting a cursor or selection text in a special way or something.

I think @IbrahimQasim meant tags, dates, and images, but not normal text items.

Edit: damn, we need a term for images, dates, and tags that’s not “item” to avoid confusion…

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I would like to have a small trash-symbol in the calendar-widget.
When I click on a date the calendar shows up to select a date. Very nice. Why not remove the date by a simple click. Would be very convienent.

Hold option (or alt) key, and then click Calendar icon, and see the result.

This was easy :joy: :sunglasses:

Alt-click doesn’t work on a Chromebook. It is equivalent to a right-button click. Possible to address this?