This wiki post tracks useful, standardized vocabulary for discussing Dynalist!



AKA: point, list;


Things in an item with a background/box; Currently, tags, dates, and images;

Top item

Item that is currently ‘zoomed into.’



Demote an item by one level in the overall hierarchy;


The opposite of to indent;
AKA: Dedent, reverse-indent;

Zoom into X

Make item X the top item.
AKA: Hoist;


Parent of X

The item that item X belongs to.

Sibling(s) of X

The items that are on the same level with and share the same parent with item X.

Child(ren) of X

The item(s) which belong to item X.

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And yeah, this is a hard one.

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I’ve made it a wiki post… not sure if that worked though.

I added ‘top item’ and ‘zoom.’ Are they okay, or is there a less awkward/more clear alternative to ‘top item’?

Edit: Also, maybe this should be a pinned topic?

What do you think of “current title” instead of “top item”? Its size and style does look like a title. “Current” means as opposed to “document title”.


RFN (Request for Names):

  • Internal links
  • The node toolbar that appears when you edit an item on mobile
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