ALT- <- and ALT -> for navigation in MacOS desktop not working

Steps to reproduce

Hover over the arrows that show back and forward on Mac desktop client: a tip will appear indicating alt and arrow keys are way to do this on keyboard. Try using the keyboard to navigate back and forth.

Expected result

Expect to see the same navigation as clicking on the arrows which works.

Actual result

Nothing happens.


Using MacOS client on Chrome.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Could it be conflicting keyboards mappings? Is there a way to change it?

@erica or @Yatharth_Agarwal can you reproduce this?

Hm… I don’t even see these on-screen arrows.

Hitting Alt/Opt-← and Opt-→ on macOS navigates the cursor by words.

@Wayne_Smith If you want to go backwards and forwards in history in Chrome on macOS, you can use Cmd-[ and Cmd-].

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Hi @Wayne_Smith,

So this shortcut used to be Alt+Left and Alt+Right, but because they conflict with the native way to navigate between words, we changed it, but didn’t change the tooltip text.

The correct shortcut should be Control+Left/Right for macOS.

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Control+Left/Right don’t work for me. It has exactly the same effect as CMD, which is to jump to the end or beginning of line in the text.

That’s weird. If you check the “View” menu, “Navigate back/forward” is using Ctrl+Left/Right and those menu options work for me. Weird that the shortcut doesn’t work.

Confused :confused: Here is image of what I see in the menu.

Yeah, I tried clicking on the “Navigate back” and “Navigate forward” buttons, and they do work.

I have found that I can only use the “Navigate” command if the document is not focussed for editing. So either I have to click on the side pane, or use something like CMD-O ESC to lose the focus. Would be nice if there was way to lose the extra keystrokes.

In that case you can just click on the backward/forward buttons on the top left corner, that sounds faster.

I do, but ideally one should be able work using only keyboard, without the mouse, as that is oftentimes much faster. Would like to see Dynalist as super-efficient solution! :wink:

This is related to the need expressed in Recent file in File Finder as well. Would like to rapidly navigate between recent files using keyboard only, something like CMD-TAB to move around stack of recently visited items.

Neither Ctrl+Left/Right nor Alt+Left/Right work for me and I would love to see this implemented, as I use keyboard shortcuts a lot.

Yes, I definitely agree. The options in the “View” menu does work, but for some reason the macOS system has intercepted the Ctrl+Left/Right shortcut (I think to switch workspaces?). We have to look into how to bypass that or switch to another shortcut if nothing works out.

It would be great if we could customize shortcuts in a future version of Dynalist!

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As a Pro user you can already do that for most shortcuts in Dynalist! It’s available under settings - keymap. Unfortunately this shortcut is more of a system shortcut and we don’t provide customization for it yet.

Hi @Wayne_Smith, sorry for digging this up :grimacing:! We’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to know if the bug is still happening to you? If not we’ll close this bug :slight_smile:

Hi Erica,

I downloaded the latest desktop app to be sure, but the alt arrows do nothing :frowning:

Added this to our new tracking system, hopefully we’ll get to it soon!

Hi @Wayne_Smith,

Sorry for the super late update. Recently (back around beginning of April), we changed the go back/forward shortcuts on the desktop app to be the consistent with the browsers.

Now you can use Cmd+Left/Right to go back and forward, when there’s nothing focused. If you’re focusing on something, you can now use the Esc to remove the focus.

I hope that helps! If you could kindly confirm that, I’ll mark this bug as fixed.