Recent file in File Finder

When Opening the File Finder using CMD-O (in desktop OSX version) it shows a default list of 5 bookmarks and 5 files. I have not yet worked out how this list is generated, or what criteria dictate which files appear here? I propose that this list is dynamically updated to show the most frequently or recently visited items.

@Erica can you share the logic of how the recent files are made up? Mine just seems stuck on arbitrary list of files, and would be much more useful if it was most recent and/or most frequent.

I believe it’s just the first few files that match the empty search query right now, which is pretty arbitrary.

@Shida can you confirm?

Yeah, I believe we still run the search query for an empty box, and the results are likely pretty arbitrary. Sort by access time is something we wanted to implement though, so stay tuned for that.


Would love to have quick access to my last 3-5 opened/edited files across all platforms.


@Kerim: on our todo list! :ok_hand:


Update: implemented! See


That’s great @erica, but I find I am increasingly using bookmarks as it helps with searching within the same document. Is there potential to include bookmarks in the starting list for the file finder?

Like recently accessed bookmarks?

Yes. This would reflect the way it already operates enabling the user to search both documents and bookmarks.

Hmm, bookmarks don’t have any data attached to it right now, so it will take a bit of work. Request received though!

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