Allowing Ctrl+up / down to move across parents


I’ve just moved from workflowy, frustrated with the pace of development there, and Dynalist seems to answer many of those frustrations. Congratulations!

There are a number of suggestions I’ll post separately, but the most critical for me is not being able to move bullets across parents with Ctrl+up / down, as in workflowy, having to rely on the Move command, cut / paste or moving the indent a few times. I noticed a few others ask for a new shortcut in various places, but I don’t think there is a need to complicate with a new shortcut, and I can’t see the downside of allowing Ctrl+up/down to move across parents. Here is the workflowy implementation:



@Andrew I agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion.

When I moved from Workflowy that was the biggest learning curve item that I went through. I still try to use Ctrl+up/down from time to time.


Yes, I can’t think what would be lost to enable this. It would be the same capacity as outlining in Google Docs and Word.

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Is it possible that this enhancement could be high positioned in your todo list, Erica?


See Simple but amazing features // & some high effort - #5 by Erica


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Update: this is added now. Sorry for waiting so long!


Thank you ever so much! Happy again… :grinning:

Love it! Thanks for being so very responsive. Highly unexpected, but most welcome!



Thank You!!! Really fast response from Dynalist team :slight_smile:

Hi Erica, the functionality works on chrome, but not on the windows app. Do you think it could be added there? As the app is getting better, I’m hoping to switch to that for my day to day.

Sorry about that, I’ll let @Shida deploy a new desktop version very soon!

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It’s out! Really sorry we forgot to have our desktop apps deployed.