Simple but amazing features // & some high effort

Dear Dynalist Team :slight_smile:

In short post I would like to note down simple but in other hand amazing feature (of course IMO).

  1. allowing-ctrl-up-down-to-move-across-parents
  2. Count selected items
    i.e. if You select three bullets there is small count window which shows how many You select.
  3. Word count
    This should be discussed on forum how this should work but IMO words should be counted inside the parent node

BTW I would like to list More effort feature to implement

  1. Node clone/cloning
    You make a clone of a node and once You change in first node this also applies for cloned node
  2. Send e-mail to dynalist to create new node
  3. Connect Dynalist to IFTTT/Zapier or else

Maybe the simple feature are easy to implement so You can do it “meantime” :smiley:
If You could let us know what do You think about it.
Or community can help to implement this :slight_smile:

All the best,

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more effort features.
I think
3. its planned already (the API)
2. its in the probably future features in the trello map because of popularity

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Hi PR,

Many of these can be found on our Trello roadmap. Make sure to vote for them as that way it’s easier for us to see how popular a feature request is, as it’s nearly impossible for us to go through all posts on the forum when we want to remember how popular a certain request is.

3 in the first list and all 3 items in the second list can be found on the roadmap. Thanks again for your suggestion.

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Can we make a request to get a feature into the road map, like moving across parents?



Here: Trello

It could have received a lot more votes if posted earlier, but now is better than later. It’s already on my todo list and I hope to get it done soon.