Add to Inbox via IFTTT


Sorry about the delayed reponse.

@George3 I have attached screenshots of my current setup, but note that I have tried all other suggestions as well, and none work.

The trigger is email, and it’s the one registered to dynalist. The token is accurate.

I am giving up on this for now,since I don’t use this this feature much, I am replying mostly to thank you guys for assisting,

and in case someone else could use this info to troubleshoot.


ok, just in case you ever come back to it - maybe the IF side (the part not screenshotted) is to blame. Try a different THAN (not dynalist). That’d be the next troubleshooting step. Maybe IFTTT isnt even processing your email. You whitelisted which email its coming from? I forget how the email IF works.


Use application/json instead of plain text


I finally got this working (turns out I had copy-pasted the code with incorrect quote marks), but can’t help but wonder if there isn’t some way to paste each line of an email as sub-items rather than just having the entire email as a note? Would be very useful for sending stuff to myself!


Commenting to mention this is what got me to buy dynalist pro. Thanks devs.