Add to Inbox via IFTTT


The only thing, that I get into my Dynalist inbox via IFTTT, is the subject of the email:

{“token”: “MY API KEY”, “index”: 0, “content”: “{{Subject}}”, “checked”: false }

When I use this extended code instead, nothing happens, besides that the activity log in IFTTT shows me, that the applet was successfully triggered:

{“token”: “MY API KEY”, “index”: 0, “content”: “{{Subject}}”, “note”: “{{Body}}”, “checked”: false }

Is anyone successfully using both; 1) content: Subject and 2) note: Body with Gmail > IFTTT > Dynalist?


I’ve tried without success we well.


It works fine from terminal so the API is working for simple text notes.

curl --header “Content-Type: application/json” --request POST --data “{“token”:“ToooooooooKeN”,“content”:“Im a task”,“note”:“Im a note”}”


Maybe there’s just too much crap in a IFTTT gmail body. Like it needs to be one line of ASCII to be safe. Who knows what it’s sending but the API is probably rejecting whatever it is.


I’m actually quite curious - what is the use case for e-mail add to inbox? Either I am at my machine with a web browser or on the go with the Quick Dynalist Android app - when would writing an email be faster?


Probably not faster, just more complete. Multiple itineraries and confirmations for travel plans are an obvious choice to simply forwatd into Dynalist rather than copy and paste information.

For me, I would forward emails related to a sales business I am a part of. Being able to take notes on the specific information in those emails, or track converations in a CRM style fashion is way more productive than bouncing between other apps.


The feature request was made before the API released and before quick dynalist app existed. People planned to jerryrig an API thru email, since it’s a universal share method. Now that an API was released, email is just a euphamism for anything you can get into IFTTT.


An IFTTT recipe works this way:

“token”: “TOKEN”,

Use the <<<*>>> brackets to escape the text content. IFTTT probably is grabbing some encoding or html in the email that is causing the failure. I just set this up for a handful of emails with success.