Add to Inbox via IFTTT


The only thing, that I get into my Dynalist inbox via IFTTT, is the subject of the email:

{“token”: “MY API KEY”, “index”: 0, “content”: “{{Subject}}”, “checked”: false }

When I use this extended code instead, nothing happens, besides that the activity log in IFTTT shows me, that the applet was successfully triggered:

{“token”: “MY API KEY”, “index”: 0, “content”: “{{Subject}}”, “note”: “{{Body}}”, “checked”: false }

Is anyone successfully using both; 1) content: Subject and 2) note: Body with Gmail > IFTTT > Dynalist?


I’ve tried without success we well.


It works fine from terminal so the API is working for simple text notes.

curl --header “Content-Type: application/json” --request POST --data “{“token”:“ToooooooooKeN”,“content”:“Im a task”,“note”:“Im a note”}”


Maybe there’s just too much crap in a IFTTT gmail body. Like it needs to be one line of ASCII to be safe. Who knows what it’s sending but the API is probably rejecting whatever it is.